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you've created an intentional life, but style is still a missing puzzle piece.

  • You're spending way too much time and energy thinking about what to wear... and the result doesn't reflect how much time you spend thinking about it.
  • You somehow feel out of place in all your clothes, instead of confident and at home in them. New purchases lose their luster after a few wears, and nothing in your closet shouts yes! that's me!
  • You're so sick of hearing the same old style advice. You've read the books and done the worksheets, but felt like they skipped crucial steps, and you want to finally nail it.
  • You aren't sure exactly what's on the other side, but you know you're in the midst of a big transformation. You're reconsidering who you are, what you value, and how you spend your time.


Your personal style helps you show up authentically.

You know when you're miserable in an uncomfortable outfit, it's impossible to be fully present at your job, your friend's party, that big date, and you're done with that. You're ready for your wardrobe to feel like it belongs to the person you know you are—someone capable, self-assured, and powerful.

Style is about so much more than just clothes.

Sure, you want to wear great outfits, but it's waves hand〰 the whole thing. It's your mental self-talk, your shopping habits, your morning routine. You care about sustainability, ethics, managing your money, not overconsuming. You know it's not just about finding what's "flattering" (aka looking thin) or being on top of the constantly cycling trends. When you feel great in your clothes, you act great, too.

You're ready for your insides and outsides to match.

You're ready for your inside self and outside expression to match. (And you might not admit it out loud, but you've always wanted to be one of those people who is known for looking put together.) You deeply desire to elevate your style up to the level of all the other things that you've already done in your life


Every morning, you get dressed intuitively in outfits that feel like you (whether it’s for a workout or work).

You have a love-everything-in-it closet and the skills to create the look you're going for.

You're tuned into your own inner wisdom and joy, and you know the values that underpin all your actions.

The one that is always put-together in your friend group is you now.

Growth mindset, curiosity, and experimentation are how you approach every challenge.

You consider your budget, goals, and lifestyle when you shop, and make decisions with confidence.

You show up with confidence and truly believe that others will see past your clothes to the authentic you.

Looking honestly at your spending and high-quality purchases feels value-aligned, not yikes.

Last minute job interview or wedding? No need to shop. Oh, this? I've had this forever, it's my favorite.


I wanted my style to be #effortless, #timeless, and every buzzword I saw on Instagram. I thought that if I filled my wardrobe with things that were "timeless", "versatile," and from the "right" brands, then I would automatically "be stylish". It was a big leap to decide to invest in style coaching, because there's something shameful about struggling with style. As a woman you're supposed to be good at it automatically.

What I've learned working with Elyse is that being happy with my wardrobe and putting together outfits I love isn't about adhering to any external definition of "stylish". We never talked about "looking your best" at all. There was never any optimization language that assumed I want to look as thin or "good" as possible. I learned instead to notice and honor my own preferences, the subtleties of fit and proportion, and above all, tune into my own inner wisdom and search for joy.


After I graduated from my PhD program, I was ready to figure out how to get dressed in a way that honored my whole self. I had been dressing with the attitude of “I don’t want to be seen/talked to/noticed” and I had this narrative that "the things I want to wear are too weird or inappropriate for work, people will stare and judge!" — but style coaching helped me see that when you make those choices, you feel more in tune, and people see that. It feels so much better and easier to be in flow and in tune with myself.

In the first few months of style coaching, I went from wearing plain all neutral outfits to rocking leopard pants, bold pink and lime green. I felt so much more like myself in those colors and somehow felt less "out of place" than when I was wearing white/tan. I think that moment coincided with feeling like I was coming into my own at work. I was finally feeling like I was in my new position for a reason, like my ideas were actually good and could actually move us in the right direction. I was done hiding and it felt good!



You're still looking at other stylish people and thinking, what do they know that I don't? The idea of style feeling easy and authentic seems impossible, and here's why.

  • You're approaching your wardrobe as a set of random shopping trips, when what you need is a big picture style strategy.
  • Nobody ever taught you foundational style information, like proportions, color theory, or garment quality.
  • Making outfits that feel right is guesswork until you have uncovered the preferences and patterns that make your style truly personal.
  • You're letting your unconscious beliefs about beauty, money, and style rule your habits (and you might not even know what they are.)
  • It's impossible to show up authentically if you're not sure who you are, what you value, and what you desire.

And the truth is, none of this is your fault. We live in a society that tells us style is frivolous and shallow, and clothes are cheap. If you didn't have a mom, auntie, or friend to teach you style, you probably learned about it mostly from magazines and What Not To Wear (am I dating myself with that reference?)

There's a really good chance you grew up hearing "here's how to look thin" more often than "here's how to feel like yourself in your clothes." And tuning in to your identity and values requires tuning out all the external influences and conditioning. For women, showing up authentically and investing in our confidence in a world designed to make us hate ourselves is a radical act.


I can hear you asking, yes please!, but how?

By uncovering the singular style that works for your body, identity, and everyday life. You need a clear Style Profile that describes your look, down to the details.

By unpacking the old stories and beliefs that keep us small. You need to know your personal values, alter your style mindset, and create new, supportive habits.

By getting strategic. You need strategies (not just "intentions") for shopping, daily routines, and style planning that work for you, instead of making you work.

— introducing —



Define your personal style. Learn to shop strategically.
Show up fully as your authentic self—inside and out. 

Overview photo of the course curriculum, worksheets, video calls, and templates.

A high-touch, 6 month group coaching program for self-determined women who are ready to get stylish on their own terms.

A step-by-step curriculum including video lessons, worksheets, and a customizable digital Personal Wardrobe Hub. Live coaching calls, personalized feedback on your style progress, and the mindset shifts, skills and strategies you need to create authentic personal style.

  • You know that how you dress and shop has an impact on your perception of the world (and the world's perception of you)...
  • You're seeking a solid foundation for finally taking action...
  • You're ready to define, wear, and live your values...
  • You've already tried other style programs but they didn't feel transformative or sustainable...
  • You're comfortable being introspective about your feelings, your past, and your worldview...
  • You're prepared to put in the consistent effort this program requires to create the transformation you want...
  • You're looking for a guide on how to dress "fashionably"...
  • You want someone to shop and put together outfits for you...
  • You're not interested in exploring identity, paradigms, or belief systems as they relate to clothing and style...
  • You refuse to be thoughtful and intentional about yourself...
  • You think it's selfish to spend time on self-development...
  • You're convinced style isn't possible for you so why bother...
  • You're still searching for the magic silver bullet that will fix you overnight...

You're not alone in your struggle with style, but I want to let you know a secret: you don't have to feel this way.

  • secretly ashamed that you haven't "figured style out" by now
  • inexperienced or confused about how to make outfits that work for you
  • out of place or out of touch
  • hypercritical of yourself and constantly imagining how others might see you
  • that weird combo of jealousy and wanting to hide every time you see your most glamorous and put-together friend
  • believing that loving style means you don't care about climate, social justice, or human rights
  • that full-body hot rush of financial anxiety after impulse buys


DM from a client, reading "Ah, loved your most recent style review feedback! Thank you!"



Overview photo of the course curriculum, worksheets, video calls, and templates.
Example photo of course curriculum videos and worksheets

Access to the 6-Month Program and Curriculum

This program is very intentionally designed to be a 6 month container, so you can build a solid style foundation and integrate new supportive habits. You'll be guided step-by-step through the Strategic Style Framework and develop your own Style Profile and strategies.

Example photo of group video coaching call

Mindset & Strategy Group Coaching Calls with Elyse

The coaching calls are your place to discuss your style strategy and decisions, overcome mindset challenges and unpack style stories, and get all your questions answered.

Example photo of the Notion Personal Wardrobe Hub

The Personal Wardrobe Hub

A copy of my fully customizable Notion style hub (and training on how to use it). It includes templates for your Style Profile, wishlist and shopping planners, fit and measurement guides, and seasonal style assessments, and so much more. It's your forever style brain.

Example photo of Video Style Reviews

Individual Style Reviews

Your style is personal—and so is the feedback you get. Style reviews are where you will submit your style progress for individualized insights, support, and next steps, and get a detailed feedback video from Elyse.

Example photo of a one-on-one video call

1x1 Milestone Calls

Deep-diving one on one calls with Elyse after you hit key points in the program, to reflect and review and get personalized guidance. (And celebrate your wins!)

Example photo of the Circle community

Private, Curated Community Circle not on Facebook

Surround yourself with other self-determined women also on their style journey. In the community circle (one designed for conversation, not to be a social network) we'll share wins, challenges, stories, and progress. (And yes, we absolutely have a strong code of conduct and group guidelines for a supportive space.)


👋🏻 I'm Elyse. I know how this struggle with style feels, because I experienced it too.

Style is a skill, not something you just happen to be born with. I know: I wasn't born with it. It took me YEARS to figure out how to dress my body, feel good in my clothes, break up with retail therapy, and find my self-trust.

Now, I'm on a mission to help self-determined women just like you show up fully as their authentic, powerful selves—inside and out.

My superpower is helping you get clear on exactly what you need to do next to turn your wardrobe dreams into reality. (And maybe a few other audacious dreams while we're at it.)

Think of me like that one friend you actually want to go shopping with, a life coach, and a personal trainer mixed up into one. With me as your style coach, you're getting a curated education of all things style, mind-melting coaching reframes, my enthusiasm and cheerleading (I'm a Gemini), and all the strategies you need to get stylish on your own terms—finally!

Elyse smiling, leaning against a doorway, wearing jeans and a black tank top

My mind was totally blown when we figured out my proportions and outfit formulas. This is a lifelong skill! Shopping feels more meticulous in a good way. I had a last minute urgent shopping situation for an event (and ended up in an H&M!)—it was a bad situation, but with my style profile in mind I had the ability to look at things and just instinctively know that they wouldn’t work for me. I knew that those clothes would have made me feel bad about myself, my body, and my decision making. A year ago I would have been overwhelmed and anxious and probably would not have even gone to the event. But actually shopping and using what I've learned here made me realize how helpful it is and how much taking action creates even more style clarity for me.


To say working with Elyse was transformative would be an understatement. Just in that first call I walked away with a deeper understanding of myself via my wardrobe. My hopes, my dreams, my values. I highly recommend it even if you know your personal style already. Her method is so much more than that.


Just spent my early afternoon with Elyse and am feeling so joyful about all the wisdom she has to offer. We've all got money stories, clothing stories, anxieties, and restrictions trying to work their way into our narratives, but she's so wonderful at helping us identify and be driven by our joys and values instead.

Working with her has been so helpful for me unlearning my guilt cycle and 'hating' my hobby and source of joy and creativity in clothes. It has honestly completely changed for the better how I see the relationship between myself and my clothes.




Hey! If you're thinking, 'why do I have to apply just to watch a training video?' here's the tl;dr: I ask for applications because this training and the program isn't fluffy style 101. I want to be sure you're ready to take what you learn here and apply it, whether or not you join us #insidetheunfolding. Because I'm supporting you on a deeper level than some pre-packaged "online course", this helps me make sure we're a good fit to work together. It's free to apply and get access to the training, and there's no obligation to join... so if you're at all curious, why not apply? —Elyse


Send in your application and get access to my exclusive training,
where you'll learn my 3-part framework for creating authentic personal style. This epic training will teach you the mindset shifts and strategies that are necessary for style that feels truly like you. Plus, you'll get a behind-the-scenes tour of the Unfolding program.

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“This sounds amazing, but will it work for me?”

If that's what you're thinking right now, I get it! Just like buying a pair of jeans, it's sometimes hard to tell just from the website! Send me a DM on Instagram and I'll answer any questions you have. No high-pressure sales tactics, I promise 🤍

Before this, I invested almost no time in my personal style and clothing, whether that be shopping, exploration, or even just thinking about it. In my head, it was selfish and frivolous to care about what I wore and how I looked because there’s so many other more ‘important’ things to spend time on. Part of me always cared, but I had really bottled up that desire and labeled it as superficial.

Style coaching has given me a framework for exploring everything from my aesthetic to moral values to how I love myself through getting dressed. After just our first session, I started to reframe that perspective. I’m not all the way where I want to get to, but it’s helped me start the journey of accepting that it’s not frivolous or selfish to want to invest time and money into what clothes I put on my body. That may seem like an easy first-step or non-issue for some folks, but it was a massive change for me.

I’d always felt stuck and disappointed because I could never find the ‘perfect’ piece, but having a robust style vocabulary is helping me get in the right direction while also remembering ‘perfection’ isn’t the goal. Elyse has helped me shift my perspective and has opened me up to exploration and experimentation that still feels responsible and safe.


If you’re like me, you’ve had a small handful of outfits that really felt like you. And they became your First Date outfit and your Interview outfit and your Once-A-Year-Friend-Reunion outfit. And the rest of the time, the days you wore everything else in your wardrobe, you felt like your body was the wrong shape and you were too much and not enough and people couldn’t possibly understand you when you couldn’t even understand how to put an outfit together.

Elyse is one of the magical people who understands. She saw me—actually me—through my many mediocre outfits and the handful of good ones. She listened when I talked about the things I loved and how they made me feel. She helped me see proportions and styles and how I could make them work for my body; how to use the clothes I already owned with integrity in ways that felt good, and how to identify new pieces that would become wardrobe staples.

The tools she has given me and the non-judgmental conversations we’ve had have changed the way I look at clothes and the way I feel when I live inside them.